Trainings Launched for Nurses at Community-based Child-care Points

On September 11, the first training course for nurses at community-based child-care points was launched at Shanghai Open University, with division chiefs from Shanghai Educational Authority, Shanghai Women's Federation (SWF) and the Open University present at its opening ceremony. 88 nurses were to be offered a six-day training course.

Wang Songhua from the Open University extended his warm welcome to the nurses on behalf of his University and to SWF for its trust. He mentioned that the training for nurses was designed to satisfy demands from the local government, community and nurses as well and he pledged to do his best to provide the course with efficient service and logistic support.

Gu Xiujuan from SWF wished nurses for training cherish the opportunity for learning, and do their utmost to learn nursing skills better, so as to well take care of preschoolers who were the cream of their families. She pointed out that nursing children before three years old seemed something new to be developed, therefore it demanded nurses equipped with fine nursing skill and professional responsibility.

Yan Huifen from Shanghai Educational Authority welcomed nurses join in preschool educational course and she mentioned that the local government had been paid enough attention to provide the local communities with daily care service of good quality for years. She further said that proper caring program offered to children at the earlier age included not only educational courses, but more of caring and nurturing. She urged the nurses at training to learn skills better reading children minds with their affection and offering caring and nurturing to children at points with their qualified professional skills.

The training course was designed by SWF and Shanghai Educational Authority, as an important part of City-Government-listed-Project for community-based child-care points. So far, the project proceeded well, thanks to the combined efforts from the leading group. A team of supervisors made of professionals in early and pre-school education, was to be set up to support on-the-job-training for nurses at points.