Xu Yibo of Shanghai CPPCC met with the National Women Association of Laos

On Sept.6, Xu Yibo, vice president of CPPCC, Shanghai Chapter had an interview with a woman group of nine from Laos headed by her Chairwoman.

Weng Wenlei and Sun Mei'e, vice chairpersons form SWF were present at the interview together with the Consulate-general of Laos to Shanghai.

Xu highly spoke of the Laos Woman Association for its constructive role played to facilitate exchanges between woman groups of two countries, which was conducive to the enhancement of friendship between two peoples and Xu wished woman groups to do more in the future. The Chairperson of Laos woman organization commented that it was her pleasure to understand SWF better and she further commended that SWF did so much to make a friendly environment available to women and children in Shanghai. She also pledged to do more to enhance exchanges and cooperation between the two.

The Laos woman delegation visited Shanghai University of Electric Power, Hengyuanxiang Group and the Bund in Yangpu District from September 5 to September 7 at the invitation of All China Woman's Federation.