"Women Pace-Setters" Visited by Her Union at Workplace

In August, Shanghai Union for "Women Pace-setters" arranged official visits to her members who were working on their posts.

The Union President Li Yanling, President on Duty Zhu Chenhong, and others from the Union were on the eight tours, respectively to neighborhoods in Qingpu and Xuhui districts, Shanghai Research Institute of Materia Medica, Army Hospital, Subways and etc. to call on women pace-setters there.

On August13, Li together with her colleagues visited Li Tingying, head nurse of Tumor Department at Shanghai Army Hospital, who started IV Team project since 2009, which was the first of its kind for the hospital and for the west part of Shanghai.

Zhou Ming, vice president of the Union visited Su Rong, head of a resident committee, who retired from her last job to come back to Shanghai seven years ago and took the post right at her hometown since after. In the past seven years, she became increasingly popular among her neighbors and she was the very one who was ready to clear off difficulties ahead.

Zhu Hong, president in duty, together with her colleagues made a visit to Yan Ruju at Shanghai Subway, who was recognized as a goddess of safety for her subway company, at which none of fire accident had ever taken placed.

Li Yanling, president of the Union, called at Shen Qiyan at weather station near Yangshan Harbor. The station was located on Yangshan Mount, 30 Kilos away from the town, where Shen had worked there for more than 20 years to present weather forecast every day for the region.