A Seminar on "Legal Right Protection for Teenagers Free from the Guardianship" Held

A seminar on "Legal Right Protection for Teenagers Free from the Guardianship" was held on September 14 by Shanghai Prosecutorial Office and Shanghai Women's Federation (SWF). The seminar was to discuss the issue of legal protection for teenagers in difficulty, who were free from the guardianship.

Shi Weizhong and Chen Ming from the city office, Liu Qi from SWF and Zhu Wenbo from the district office, together with the other professionals from the city attended the seminar.

Shi said in his speech, that it was an important aspect of the legal right protection for teenagers. He further said that it was a challenge for the office to find out a proper replacement of guardianship for guardianship-taken-away teenagers.

The seminar attendants studied a case, which earned a support from the city office to withdraw the guardianship from a teenager's parent, who deserted his child at random and support the city civil affairs office to claim for compensation for teenager's maintenance expenses. The professionals from prosecutorial offices, courts, teenagers' shelters, civil affairs authority and universities presented their opinions on the related topics, including solutions to the challenge.