The Fifth Training Course opened for Female Junior Officials at Grass-roots Fresh from Universities

The fifth training course for female junior officials at grassroots, fresh from universities, was on from September 16 to 20, with 51 female junior officials from nine districts attended.

The course to prepare the young officials for assisting SWF programs, which is believed to help with SWF human resource development. It was operated by both SWF and the local authority for human resource development.

In line with the current situation, the course offered was diversified, such as lectures in class and out of class and discussions in groups. The curriculum covered theoretical education on socialism in new era with the Chinese characteristics and main ideas of the fifteenth Congress for SWF. Practical skills were also explained to the clients as how to do a good job of being junior officials at grass-roots, how to do investigation and communication with the locals. During the course, field-trips were arranged to models where country-women were running their business. Topics for group discussions mostly focused on plans for future and challenges ahead.

The training course has caught SWF's attention. Senior officials from SWF and the local authority for human resource development attended the opening and Sun Mei'e attended the closing.

In Sun's address at the closing, she spoke highly of performance did by the participants and asked junior officials to do three dos in the days to come as, firstly being far-sighted with great expectation, secondly, better understanding their responsibility and upgrading their competence and thirdly, giving a helping hand to woman organizations at grass-roots.

SWF would ask its subordinated bodies to follow up the training course, keep in touch personally with each of the trained junior officials and drive them into related programs when possible, so as to help junior women officials to get familiar with SWF work, before becoming a powerful force for SWF at grass-roots.