SWF Held Meeting on China International Import Exposition

On August 29, SWF held a meeting to prepare themselves for the coming China International Import Exposition.

SWF Chairperson Xu Feng chaired the meeting with over 150 staff of SWF and its subordinated organs present at the meeting.

Wu Xingbao, deputy director of Shanghai Committee of Commerce and Deputy Chief of Preparation Office for the Exposition made a themed report on the preparation of China International Import Exposition. In his presentation, Wu touched the topics as the significance of the event, a plan for all and preparation in due. As the first of its kind, the Exposition would be open from November 5 to 10 at the National Exhibition Center in Shanghai. The Exposition was twin-hosted by the Ministry of Commerce, PRC and Shanghai City Government, which aimed at using it as a showcase to the world that PRC would be firm about free trade and globalization and keep its door open to the international community. It was also of significance to take the Exhibition as a platform to facilitate the development of public products in the principle of mutual tolerance and mutual benefit, which was certainly conducive of implementation of supply-side reform in China, a positive action to satisfy the local needs as well.

Wu mentioned that the main characteristics of the Exposition included features as "the first", "the only one", "two majors", "three aspects", "four deadlines for timetable" and "five excellences". According to him, the preparation work progressed well, trade teams were setup and security for the Exposition was in due.

Xu of SWF launched a call at the end of the meeting in which she asked her staff to take an active part in the coming Exposition by helping with a wide publicity to the Exposition and mobilizing local women to join volunteer service, so as to contribute their bit to the success of the coming Exposition.