SWF team developed counterpart assistance in Guoluo Autonomous Prefecture of Qinghai Province

Liu Qi, vice chairperson from Shanghai Women's Federation (SWF) led a team to Guoluo Autonomous Prefecture of Qinghai Province on August 22 to 23, to carry out a counterpart assistant project between Shanghai and Qinghai Province.

The team visited women-headed cooperatives to better understand local women and woman organizations. Wu Yuzhang, head of the Prefecture met with the team and had a cordial talk with Liu and her team.

At the two-side meeting on August 23, Shanghai team listened to a briefing on the assistance project carried out in the past years and a follow-up plan for the aid in line with the advancement of Qinghai Province. Liu reflected at the hearing that it was of great significance for Shanghai woman organization to assist Shanghai Government to complete its mission assigned by the Central Government to help Qinghai Province with targeted aiding in particular. Liu recalled that four projects backed-up with SWF efforts reached their attainment step by step. She pledged that in the next phase, SWF would further detail her strategy and assistance to ensure the aid more successful based on having a first-hand information on the local needs, combining resources available to satisfy the requirement and improving further operation and management to benefit more women and children in Guoluo Prefecture.

A donation was held during the meeting, at which, 20,000 books to the local and 400,000 RMB were offered by Shanghai enterprises to community and children with congenital heart problems in Guoluo through Shanghai Children's Foundation.

On the same afternoon, surgeons from Shanghai Chest Hospital screened the sick children suspected of congenital heart diseases. Those who fit the forgery condition would be offered free surgical operation in Shanghai later this year.