SWF "8.18 Student Aid Program" held in Chongming District

A 16-member SWF team led by SWF Chairperson Xu Feng visit Chongming District to issue the "8.18 Student Aid Program" there. Leaderships from Chong-ming District also attended the activity.

Xu mentioned that it had been 17 years since SWF started the student aid program together with woman organizations in Chongming District. Xu stressed that education embodied hopes of all families to a better life and education was a foundation to the Chinese national rejuvenation curse. Hence, children were not only a hope of family, but also a hope of the nation.

Xu put forward her three dos to students-in- aid: Firstly, treasuring opportunities available for them and to be confident, respective and strive for an attainment. Secondly, studying hard and absorb as much knowledge as they could with those brand-new knowledge and talents in particular. Thirdly, trying to feed back those who fed you and seize every possibility to return your gratefulness to people, community and society those ever did you good. At the same time, Xu asked the SWF staff to keep in touch with students-in-aid by telephoning students or their parents to gain their needs in first time. It was expected to ensure every one in the city to be well taken care of.

Chen Huihui, chairperson of Sub-women Federation of Chongming District, a student-in-aid and a SWF staff spoke at the program one after another. SWF staff signed contracts with students ready to be aided, who were given books, stationaries and allowances on the site. SWF staff visited two families with students-in-aid afterwards.