Annual Meeting for Shanghai Household Civilization Enhancement Held

On August 21, Shanghai Coordination Team for Household Civilization Enhancement held its annual work meeting at Shanghai Women and Children Service Guidance Center.

Pan Ming, Director of Shanghai Office for Urban Spiritual Civilization Enhancement, Xu Feng, chairperson of SWF, and members of the other 16 coordination teams attended the meeting. Liu Qi, vice chairperson of SWF, chaired the meeting with more than 90 staff at present.

Pan made a speech, in which he pointed out that enhancement of household civilization was of great significance. It was an important part of the program for the urban spiritual civilization program, as well as of advancement of women and children in the city, which each district should bear in mind, and put into practice together with the demands for "Focusing on Three Aspects".

Pan further asked the participants at the meeting to do their best to preserve and develop family traditions with Shanghai characteristics which might well reflect urban spirit and constitute "Shanghai Brand". He called for a perfection of system in the days to come for the enhancement of family civilization and promised to include the plan for the family civilization into the urban spiritual civilization program.

Xu stressed at the meeting that household civilization, an important foundation for urban spiritual civilization, was of conducive for positive value system to be put new roots down at households, reflection of urban spirit and brand and development of Shanghai into a metropolitan city with a global influence. The meeting called for a speedy enhancement of the program as its goal in the coming days.

In addition, the meeting discussed drafts for enhancement of household civilization in Shanghai and rule and regulations for evaluation of Model Households. The meeting approved a list of households honored and drafted a plan to mark 40th anniversary of the household civilization program.