59 Delegates Elected to Attend the 12th National Congress for All-China Women's Federation

SWF elected 59 delegates to the 12th National Congress for All-China Women's Federation at the second meeting of the 15th Congress on August17.The election was done based on secret ballot and competitive election.

The delegates elected are as follows: Yu Yinyan, Wan Xiaolan, Ma Hongying, Ma Haiyan, Wang Xiuhong, Deng Jingjiao, Qu Yan, Zhu Yi, Zhu Wenmiao, Zhu Chunhong, Zhu Ruixia, Qiao Peihua, Fu Qingyan, Liu Fang, Liu Xia, Qi Liping, Sun Ming, Li Wei, Li Wei, Yang Yan, He Yuan, He Mingjuan, Zhang Jing, Zhang Liping, Zhang Guo Mei, Zhang Hongyan, Zhang Huiming, Lu mingzhi, Chen Yan, Chen Ling, Chen Danyan, Chen Liying, Chen Huihui, Chen Lirong, Chen Xiaoyan, Guo Yundan, Ji Shen, Jing Xueping, Chan Lijie, Hu Ming, Hu Lili, Hu Xiaoli(Qin Chang), Zhong Tianshi, Xu Fang, Xu Feng, Xu Huijun, Weng Wenlei, Tao Sheng, Cao Yinnuo, Peng Yan, Han Dongmei, Han Wei(Man Nationality), Hui Mei, Xie Hui, Lai Lifang, Yu Chunhong, Cai Ting, Tan Fang and Pan Jiangxue.

The word came that 59 delegates averaged at 48.2 in terms of their age up to October 2018, with the eldest at age of 59 and the youngest at 27. 40 delegates from all walks of life made up 67,8 percent of the total, surpassing the rate set by the National Federation at 60 percent. One delegate was of minority nationality and one was of relative of returned Chinese. 58 delegates were acquired with college education certificates and up, which accounted for 98.3 percent of the total. Three were enrolled as full-time chairpersons of woman organizations at different levels during the reform. Nine were free from CPC. On the whole, a good representation of women at all walks of life reached during the election with attention focused more on women employees at grassroots and from the private sectors.

The 59 delegates would go to Beijing to attend the coming national congress for women in the coming October, who were expected to take voices of local women to the congress and bring back voices of the CPC and the National Federation to the local community.