HK Group from Yan Oi Tong at Shanghai

A team of 47 teachers and students from HK Yan Oi Tong visited Shanghai for communication and exchange on July 24-27.

Wen Wenlei and Wang Jianzhang, vice chairpersons of Shanghai Women's Federation (SWF) received the team and briefed the group a general information on starting business in Shanghai.

The HK group visited Shanghai History Museum, Site of the first National Congress of CPC, Shanghai City Planning Exhibition Hall to understand Shanghai and her cultural history better.

During their visit to JD Man-free warehouse and auto-production-line at Shanghai Volkswagen, Mok Wai Chi, head of the HK team, could not help appreciating the speedy development of Shanghai economy, based on her comparison of environment available for Shanghai and Hong Kong. Many group members commented highly of the trip, which not only broadened their vision bust also benefited their career planning and development in the days to come.

Wen of SWF expressed her warm welcome to the group at a casual meeting and encouraged HK students to study and develop in Shanghai, if they wished. Afterwards, the group further visited Tencent, East China Normal University and Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Co. LTD.

Both sides came to the agreement that exchanges between Shanghai and HK youngsters was certainly beneficial for the two to improve their understanding of each other, make strengths mixed to benefit local economic development and facilitate twin-city enhancement for both economy and culture.