SWF Chairperson Called at Qingpu Electricity Supply

SWF Chairperson Xu Feng, Vice Chairperson Wang Jianzhang, together with their team called at Qingpu Electricity Supply on August 3.

Xu visited employees at service open to the public and asked woman employees about their work, on-the-job training and daily lives. Xu paid a special visit to Xu Airong Workshop, where Xu Airong's work program was briefed. Xu's workshop team did a good job in ensuring local residents with sufficient electricity supply which has been highly recognized. The team leader Xu Airong was thus recommended as a delegate to the 19th CPC National Congress.

Xu of SWF commented that Xu Airong was a pride for Shanghai workers and a model for Shanghai women as well. She called women in Shanghai to learn from Xu Airong for her dedication to the city advancement.

Zhou Leiyong, general manager of the Electricity Supply, introduced his program to ensure electricity supply for the coming Exposition on the meeting with the SWF team. Zhou stressed that the enterprise, as always, cared about upgrading woman employees' competence and ability in his HR program with a group of woman employees and woman teams recognized as model workers and teams in the city.

Xu was grateful to the Electricity Supply for his efforts to enhance woman employees' advancement. She further commented that the coming China International Import Exposition was located right in Qinpu District and it was a glory but a challenge as well for employees in Qingpu District. Xu encouraged woman employees to make a greater contribution to the coming event.