SWF Chairperson Called at SWAT

On August 3, SWF Chairperson Xu Feng and Vice Chairperson Wang Jianzhang called at Shanghai Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) with a special solute to all female policewomen at SWAT.

Zhou Haijian, Director of the Political Department, Shanghai Bureau of Public Security, Wu Jie, chief of SWAT and his teammates companied the visitors together with Jin Humin, Chief of Female Division SWAT.

After observing policewomen's exercise in catching and grappling, visiting SWAT showroom and hearing an orientation on SWAT, Xu and her team attended the meeting to get to know more about SWAT and his female division.

Jin briefed the visitors how her team threw themselves into training and seized every minute of it to improve their knowledge and skills in the past days. Wu, chief of SWAT, highly spoke of his Female Division and he said that in order to upgrade policewomen's ability for anti-terrorism and anti-psychological pressure, in some exercises as wrestling and shooting, policewomen were often mixed up with policemen.

Female Division SWAT was set up in 1997 to hold terrorism and women-headed severe crimes in prevention and control. In the past 20 years and more, Female Division SWAT has taken up tasks for security in many events as Summits for SCO, World Cup for Girls Football, Olympics, Shanghai World Exposition, CICA Summit and Summit for G20. In addition, Female Division SWAT was also important force for national holidays' survey and patrol. Policewomen at the meeting promised that they would do their utmost to get themselves ready for the coming China International Import Exposition and strive to be policewomen loyal to the motherland, dedicated to the SWAT course and passionate to their families.

Xu of SWF recognized policewomen's diligent efforts for the coming Exposition and she mentioned that security came the first of all, she asked the policewomen to make contribution to the coming event as usual. Xu also asked her organization to give more attention to policewomen's needs as their special physical need, their family needs and etc.