Specialists Gathered to Summarize the Hotline12338

SWF hosted a summary meeting at Qing Pu District on the Hotline 12338 designed for protecting women's legal rights from being violated.

Liu Qi, Vice Chairperson of SWF, attended the meeting and made an address to a group of 30 participants at the meeting.

Liu extended her gratefulness to specialists working for the Hotline for their uninterrupted support to SWF. She further said that the Hotline was very a window for SWF to better understand what women needed and SWF did take it as an important resource with which to reflect women's needs and protect their needs from the legal perspective. Therefore, Liu asked her audience at the meeting to make a good use of the Hotline, give a full paly roles of specialists and double the social influence of the Hotline. In addition, Liu asked the audience to improve their quality of service and play a leading role in the right-protection grogram across the city.

Huang Zhiying from SWF in charge of legal service briefed the meeting on main points of SWF program related and Ms.Cao, a staff from SWF gave a sum-up report on the Hotline in the past year, in which she picked out shortcomings in the service, while assuring that an excellent performance was achieved. Huang gave some suggestions for the improvement in the next stage during her talk. At the meeting, all the participants shared with each other their personal experience gained and some suggestions were made to enhance the ability of service providers.

The meeting was followed by a research tour of the similar service offered by Qingpu District Women Organization.