The First Group of Housekeepers from Yunnan Employed in Shanghai

A welcoming meeting was held at Shanghai Women and Children Service Guidance Center, to mark the first group of housekeepers from Yun Nan to start their career in Shanghai.

It is part of the "Hu-Wen Employment Contract" between Shanghai Modern Service Association and Wen Shan Nurse School. Zhou Yupeng, president of the association, Zhang Lili, president of Shanghai Housekeeper Association, Weng Wen Lei and Wang Jianzhang, vice chairpersons of SWF and Li Zucheng from Yunnan Government Office stationed in Shanghai attend the event together with staffs from Shanghai and Yunnan.

The contract was signed based on Shanghai's response to a pledge to lift off poverty from Yunnan Province together with efforts from the local community. The contract project has run for a year, starting from recruiting 20 graduates from the Wen-shan Nurse School to offering them professional training on tendering new born babies and elderlies.

The contract has been listed on cooperative project between Shanghai and Yunnan and it is highly recognized by departments and organizations of both cities. The contract is executed by Shanghai Housekeeper Association.

297 ready-to-be housekeepers from Yunnan were trained with skills for tendering new born babies and elderlies from May 15 to June 23, 2018. 294 of them were granted with certificates upon the end of training.

Shanghai Housekeeper Association did further to help those who were willing to practice their career in Shanghai to locate jobs for them. It is believed that assisting one employed would help lift off poverty form the family. Employment of housekeepers from Yunnan has done a good job not only to Yunnan but also to Shanghai, which help bring more labor resources to backup housekeeper group to meet the needs of Shanghai market. In addition, Shanghai Gonghui Hospital offered the housekeepers medical checkup free of charge.