SWF Staff in Child Affairs trained

A training course was offered to 40 women federation staff in child affairs from June 12 to 13.

Liu Qi, vice chairperson of SWF addressed the staff that SWF programs should be closely integrated with the city focus of "Shanghai Culture Enhancement" and sorted out important projects based on principles of "branding, branded projects and creation of models".

She forwarded five requirements. Firstly, do a good job of family culture enhancement, which includes the annual selection of Shanghai Model Families, the Best Shanghai Family, Family Culture Festival and Family Culture Week.

Secondly, do a good job of family education project by sharing information related with schools, government departments and local communities and etc.

Thirdly, do a good job in the city-listed-project of day-care services for children under three.

Fourthly, do a good job in helping children in difficulty together with Shanghai Children's Foundation in projects like "8.18 help", charity medical surgeries, care for children in lawsuit and charity project offered to areas outside Shanghai.

Last but not least, do a good job of a Blue Paper collection edition in marking reform and open-door policy issued 40 years ago.

Gu Xiujuan, director of the SWF Family and Child Affairs Department, briefed nine SWF programs based on four basic family functions like culture enhancement, family education, child affairs and family service. And she further detailed five important projects as the city-listed-project, mid-term assessment for family culture enhancement, family culture exhibition in marking 40 anniversary of reform and open-door policy issued since and the project for family education shared with the schools, government department and communities.

Specialist from East China Normal University lectured on children development. SWF staff visited villages at Qingpu District after the meeting.