The 8th Shanghai-Taiwan Women Culture Week Issued

On July 16, the 8th Shanghai-Taiwan Women Culture Week started with a themed forum.

The culture week was co-organized by Shanghai Women's Federation (SWF), Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences (SASS) and Association for Cross Taiwan Straits Exchanges (ACTSE).

Yu Xinhui from SASS, Li Leiming from ACTSE, Weng Wenlei, Sun Mei'e and Ge Yingming from SWF attended the event, together with over 150 women representatives involved.

Yu, Li and Weng announced the opening of Culture Week. He Jianhua from SASS and Mr.Yang Wenshan, a sociology from Taiwan presented key-note speeches.

At the forum, participants talked heatedly over topics like family precepts and family tradition, brand-new family culture and society supported family service, as well as a unique role family enhancement plaid in the economic and social development. During the week, 50 delegates from Taiwan area visited Qingpu and Pudong districts where they toured exhibitions, hosted salons on management of organizations and exchanged ideas with local women elites.

Shanghai-Taiwan Culture Week has been running for over eight years and cultural transmission has been always used as a media to pass on passions among women across the Taiwan Straits.