Summer Camp Held for Shanghai Youngsters at Ziqiang Brigade

A summer camp was held on July 10 in the benefit of youngsters in difficulty. It was co-organized by Shanghai Base for Scientific Child-Rearing and Shanghai Public Security Bureau.

Ge Yingming, vice chairperson of SWF, Yao Shaojie from Shanghai Public Security Bureau, and others from the above-mentioned organs attended the opening together with 150 youngsters from the Brigade.

Ge from SWF spoke to the youngsters at the opening ceremony, encouraging them to keep it up with their efforts. The youngsters watched a police-dog performance, went to visit laboratories to understand DNA and figure prints, the advanced techniques used to uncover crimes. The youngsters were touched in deed, by policemen their braveness, talents and contribution done to keep the city save. In return, the youngsters were determined to be more confident in overcoming difficulties ahead of them and strive for a better career with policemen as their good examples.

Ziqiang Brigade was founded in 1995. In line with principles of unity, upward, standing on own foot and matured in spite of difficulty, the Brigade has helped more children in difficulty to grow up since by offering a variety of programs to pluck up their courage and improve their learning ability, which is well recognized by the local community. The annual summer camp program has succeeded in providing the youngsters with lots of opportunity to challenge their ability and upgrade their qualification.