CPPCC Woman Members Discussing on Woman Employment at SASS

A research conference was held at Shanghai Academy of Social Science (SASS) on women employment on July 10, with participation of CPPCC women members from SWF Circle and researchers of the Academy.

Li Fenhua, deputy director of Social Studies and Law Governance Commission of CPPCC, Sun Mei'e, vice chairperson of SWF and He Jianhua, deputy chief of SASS attended the discussion.

Li from CPPCC stressed that key elements for a successful research include an accurate starting point and purpose, in-depth study, reasonable suggestions, as well as feasible application.

Sun from SWF indicated that economic independence was an indicator for equity between men and women. Equity was not in true sense, if without independent personality, let alone without economic independence for women. She commented favorably on the researches and promised to give it a support.

11 researchers presented their papers on subjects like status of women employment, difficulty in women employment, a general picture of women owners of business and difficulty ahead, new economic situation and its impact on women's employment and policies and measures taken from the local government to backup women's employment. CPPCC Woman members shared with the meeting their comments and suggestions.

After the discussion, CPPCC woman members went to visit Shanghai Research Academy attached to China University of Science and Technology and Shanghai Intelligence Corporate for Science and Technology.