Meeting Held at the Open University to Review Programs by Shanghai Women Education Allies

Shanghai Women Education Allies held a meeting at the Open University to review its program in the past year.

Yuan Wen, president of the Open University, made an address. Song Hui, deputy director of Shanghai Office for Civilization, Weng Wenlei, vice chairperson of SWF attended the meeting together with 60 staff from departments concerned.

Weng shared her five-year agenda for the enhancement of women education with the audience, in which, she put forward two goals as firstly to enhance education on women studies and its curriculum development and secondly to put the agenda into practice.

She argued that since equity between men and women is a state policy, education on gender should be included into compulsory education available for all citizens. She advised to get Fudan University, East China Normal University and those with women studies centers involved and use the Alliance as a platform for development of courses, teaching contingent and textbook editing. She further advised, in terms of the second goal, that completion of four courses as professional techniques, continuing education, marriage and family development, and competence and perfection were enhanced to satisfy needs, including a need for men.

More suggestions were as arrangement of seminars to apply research achievement into practice, guiding women to take part in social activities, leading women to do more reading and giving a wide publicity to successful career women among woman learners.

In conclusion, Weng extended her thanks to the Alliance and learning support services in each district, while urged the Alliance to do more in the following three aspects in the days to come. That includes making a good use of resources available to well design its program for women life-long learning, mainstreaming ideas of gender into all courses, and intensifying collaboration among districts to cover more areas, meet more demands and make it more influential.

Tongji University, Shanghai University for Engineering Technology, Shanghai Normal University and Open University briefed the meeting their key programs this year and plan for the future. East China Normal University shared with the group its unique course and research for female students and pledged to play a leading role in running life-long-learning program for women.

A Competition issued at the meeting to assess macro-video-courses offered and teaching abilities among lecturers. The participants were experiencing some of the courses available for local community.