Training Offered to Younger Staff in SWF

A training class was arranged from July 4 to 6 for younger staff in Shanghai Women's Federation (SWF), to better understand the spirits of the 15th Congresses respectively for Women and youth, in a bid to enhance their loyalty, competence and qualification.

Sun Mei'e, vice chairperson of SWF, Leader of CPC Division attended the training and presented an orientation to 55 Youth-League members.

In her orientation, Sun asked the Youth League members to intensify their learning on politics with President Xi's thoughts and the main spirit of the 19thParty Congress as their key list of readings. They should take the works as guidelines to proceed projects in the benefit of women and children advancement. The younger staff was also urged to take part in the current reform of women organization to arrive at the agreement with the central government politically, ideologically and sentimentally and contribute their bit to the completion of a modernized cosmopolitan with an influence across the world at Shanghai. Sun expected younger staff to treasure opportunities available to keep up with learning as a life-long practice.

Zhu Xinyuan, in charge of the Youth League of SWF, announced a list of advanced workers and working units recognized by the city Youth League and the Division at next lower level at the training.

The training course was diversified for the team, with three-day lectures, quiz, field trip and out-door visits.

The lectures include topics like "Be Good at Expression", "Karl Heinrich Marx's Life and Thoughts" and "AI -- Key to New Science and Technology Revolution and Industrial Transformation".

During the training, the team went to visit "Rural Library" and "Sunny Living-room" in Qingpu District to learn from their colleagues on providing services to the local residents. The field trip left a deep impression on the team, who expressed their determination at exchanges that they were confident about the future ahead of them in the coming five years and would do their best to work with high quality according to the need of the government and women and children around by understanding clients better and offering guidance at their easy approach.