SWF Celebration of CPC Birthday Marked

SWF hosted a series of programs to mark the 97th anniversary of the birth of CPC in a bid to enhance its staff their senses of glory, responsibility and mission.

On July 2, SWF held a reward to recognize excellent CPC branches, CPC members and CPC service workers assessed in the period from July 2016 to June 2018. A video was presented to illustrate good performance each CPC branch completed afterwards.

Xu Feng, chairperson of SWF, made a key-note speech on CPC and a booklet "Manifestation of Communism". In her speech, Xu urged her CPC staff to connect the city goal to become a modernized cosmopolitan with its great impact over the international community with their daily work goal to enhance women and children advancement. Further, she urged her CPC staff to upgrade "Associated Four Responsibility" mechanism to ensure each clear about his or her responsibility, each functional properly and each punished accordingly if missed his or her responsibility.

Xu led her team to pay tribute to Longhua Martyrs Cemetery on July 3. The team presented a basket of flowers to the Monument and visited an exhibition on martyrs who gave their lives to the rebirth of the city. Martyrs' loyalty and braveness has left a deep impression on CPC members from SWF, who pledged to learn from them and do as they could to facilitate advancement of women and children in Shanghai.