A Group from ACWF at Shanghai for Research

Yang Liu, member of secretariat of All-China Women's Federation led a group at Jiading and Pudong districts, Shanghai for a research tour. Xu Feng and Wang Jianzhang accompanied the research.

Yang recognized Jiading District women organization's deeds to settle down at grassroots and set up service approachable to the local residents. During the tour, Yang asked Shanghai Automobile Group Limited and domestic service at Pudong to further upgrade the quality of their service to the local community.

At Xuanqiao Town of Pudong District, Yang listened to an introduction to a corn co-operative, which disclosed that the co-operative, with 7.6 hectare of land in hand, is recognized as a national base for experiment and has succeeded in helping over 1000 households to become rich in the past years. Ms. Yang was more than happy to hear it and encouraged the co-operative to do more. Later afterwards, Yang had a cordial chat with a group of successful women farmers, who plant peas, perches, mushroom and etc. At hearing their introduction, Yang highly commented their attainment and encouraged them to take a lead in guiding women farmers to turn their hometown ecologically beautiful.

Yang visited a business under the name of space for inventors. Yang commented after a tour, that women are an important force to enhancing invention and starting business, while space for inventors should be ready to provide women with guidance and service at their requests. She suggested a women organization established at the space, so that more assistance could be offered to women in need, together with a support from SWF and her allies.