Entrepreneurial Women Shared Their Gaining at Fudan University

Hosted by All-China Women's Federation, together with Shanghai Women's Federation and Fudan University, Entrepreneurial Women with overseas experiences across China were arranged to have a gathering at Fudan University on June 20, in an aim to help girl graduates to gain experience and technique before starting business on their own.

Fudan University was the second stop for entrepreneurial women to step in for the experience-sharing tour. A group of women entrepreneurial elites popular among the girl graduates were more than happy to talk face-to-face with the girl graduates to share with them undoubtedly their experiences in starting a business. The experience-sharing program was presented online with over 6 million audiences at the same time.

All-China Women's Federation has been working on the experience-sharing program since 2015, which has trained 5.52 million women, hosted 2800 competitions, supported 3260 incubators, assisted 1.3 million entrepreneurial women to gain bank-loan worth of 110 billion yuan and helped 640,000 women realize their dream of starting business. According to the statistics, 55 percent of entrepreneurial women in Shanghai started their business at internet line. The entrepreneurial women in Shanghai make up 25 percent of the total across China.