Training Class for Entrepreneurial Women with Overseas Background Opened in Shanghai

The All-China Women's Federation (ACWF), together with the Western Returned Scholars Association (WRSA) hosted a training class in favor of over 100 entrepreneurial women with overseas background across China.

The project was carried out by Shanghai Women's Federation (SWF), Women Commission of WRSA and Fudan University from June 20 to 22 at the Fudan University.

Yang Liu from ACWF and Prof. Wu Qili from WRSA addressed at the opening ceremony, Xu Feng from SWF extended a warm welcome in the position of hostess.

During the training, entrepreneurial women at the class initiated a gathering with the graduates from Fudan University to share their personal experience with the graduates in starting business on their own, which was highly recognized by Jiao Yang, a head of the university at her speech.

Yang of ACWF indicated that elites with overseas background are treasure of our nation and fresh activists to the initiative of national rejuvenation, of whom women elites have contributed to it as much as men. She hoped that entrepreneurial women from overseas would uphold patriotism and take up their responsibilities in the economic development at home.

The word came that the class was designed to guide the participants to study spirits of both Xi's thought on development of a socialist society with the Chinese Character at new era and CPC 19th Congress and take a lead in starting business on their own and doing invention along with the public. It was designed as well to explore entrepreneurial women's potential in making business and improve their ability for business and invention. Lecturers to the class were from city authority for development and Fudan University.

Successful entrepreneurial women as Chen Yan and Cai Shi were invited to tell their personal stories in business to the class.