Workshop to Train Parent-Kid-Reading Started

A workshop was run from June 11 to 12 at Shanghai Women and Children Service Guidance Center to guide parents carrying out parent-child-reading at home. The chief lecturer was Prof. Wu Nianyang, from Shanghai Normal University with over 40 people attended.

Parent-child-reading is getting more and more popular among parents and more public facilities have run the similar guidance program as well. However, still limited parents know clearly about how to do it.

The workshop focused more on better understanding children by means of psychology. That is reading is conducted according to rules related with child psychology and knowledge-seeking. Tools are suggested to be used during reading, as reading guidance, reading companied with performance, questions encouraged and etc. The workshop showcased how to use the above-mentioned tools, which made the training interesting and easy to be grasped. Parents have learnt from the workshop that action experience is the motivation for children to read and invisible learning is better than visible one.

The word came that the participants setup WeChat among themselves after the workshop and the lecturers pledged to follow it up to give more help in the coming days.