A Forum Focused on Shanghai Cultural Cream and Impression on Women Held Recently

ShanghaiCultureCream@Women.com, a brand of forum designed for women pace-setters declared open on June 9, 2018 by SWF, Union for Women Pace-setters, authorities from Xuhui District and SMG.

The Forum was held in the former monastery recognized as a cultural relic under protection now. Over 150 people attended the event.

Lu Xiaohui, from CPC Xuhui District Branch, Wang Jianzhang, vice chairperson from SWF issued certificates to four as lecturers to the Forum. Li Yanling, president of the Union and Zhu Chenghong, union president of the year granted invitation to Yu Lina and Qin Wenjun as lecturers to the Union

The Forum was used as a showcase to present the public strength women workers contributed to Shanghai branded cultural products. At the Forum, four lecturers as Yu Lina, Qin Wenjun, Chen Yan and Wang Yinan shared with the audience their personal stories related with the reform and open-door policy practiced for 40 years.

Yu told her story in which she succeeded in making the international community to understand China through her violin performance. Qin opened her heart to the audience her personal expectation over the environment needed for literature creation for children. Chen traced her history struggling for a share in the Chinese mass media market for 20 years and her dream to produce good stories with Shanghai mark in the coming days. Wang helped the audience to understand and enjoy her roles in films and stages and in the public welfare and charity programs.