Shanghai CPCC Leader at Jia-Ding District for Research

A team of CPCC members from the Women Circle led by Xu Yibo, vice chairman of Shanghai CPCC visited Jiading District for a research On June 7. Xu Feng, chairperson of SWF and Sun Mei'e, deputy chairperson of SWF joined the research together with a leader and some members from Jiading CPCC.

Xu and his team visited Hongmei community first, where he got detailed information about anti-domestic project and residents' self-governance. Later, he went to visit a service center at An'ting Town to acknowledge how the center worked out its program to help the residents in need.

Xu hosted a meeting on a feasible mechanism to tackle family disputes. At the meeting, Xu stressed that family is a cell of the society and marriage is core of the family, therefore, a solution to family disputes is important to the society stability. He recognized that women organizations plaid an irreplaceable role in keeping families in peace. He further pointed out that women organizations at grass-root should do as they could to help the needed to get rid of difficulties and well protect women and children their legal rights from being deprived with an assistance from the governmental bodies as public security, judicial organ and CPCC.

Staff from SWF and Sub-SWF presented their programs on solutions to domestic disputes. Members from Shanghai CPCC contributed their suggestions afterwards.

It is said that by the end of 2017, women and children in Jiading District make up 51.96 percent of the total population there. It is this very district, which has taken a lead in presenting a special mechanism to hold domestic violence in control with a combined resource from 12 organs and organizations, which is well recognized by the women members from Shanghai CPCC.