The 13th "Five-Year Agenda for Women & Children Advancement" Assessed in Jingshan District

A team of 15 specialists led by Jiang Rei, deputy director for the City Authority for Civil Affairs and the Commission for Women and Children Advancement, visited Jingshan District for a Mid-term assessment of the 13th "Five-Year Agenda" on June 6.

Zhang Tifang, deputy director for the district and the Sub-Commission was at the assessment together with her team.

The assessment proceeded to visit facilities available for the local women and children as service center, anti-domestic violence aid project, incubator for entrepreneurial women and kindergarten. The assessment team listened to an introduction by Zhang to the implementation of the current agenda in the district. The introduction confirmed that since the 13th agenda started, the Jingshan government has given enough attention to women and children advancement, mainstreamed women and children's affairs as an important part of the government mission and taken a lead in practicing the national policy of equality between women and men, as well as the policy of children coming first. The introduction also confirmed that the Sub-Commission has put into practice the current agenda against a high standard and has reached its attainment as expected. Statistics show that 58 primary indexes work well with 55 indexes attained target, which recorded 94.8 percent attainment rate.

Based on the follow-up questions and answers, the assessment team provided the Jingshan District with a preliminary evaluation to recognize its good performance and left with the District some suggestions and comments for consideration and improvement.