The 13th "Five-Year Agenda for Women & Children Advancement" Assessed in Jin'an District

Zong Ming, the first deputy director of Shanghai Commission for Women and Children Advancement led a group of 20 professionals to Jin'an District for an assessment of the current agenda on June 5.

Bao Yingjing, deputy director of the district was at the assessment together with 44 staff. Xu Feng, chairperson of Shanghai Women's Federation (SWF), hosted the meeting.

In her speech, Zong spoke highly the performance Jin'an District presented as insurance stable, progressing without hesitation and advancement of high quality. She further requested the staff in Jin'an District to keep its leading role across the country in implementing the national policy of equality between men and women, and perfecting an environment more friendly for women and children to live and advance. She confirmed that to ensure women and children's quality of life ahead of the world standard, unless Jin'an cleared off troubles and difficulties ahead and tackled them in a brand-new way. She assured her staff that Shanghai is in a good position to lead the national women and children's affairs by making itself an experimental spot for difficulties and incubators for newly-borne issues. She finally asked for a strong leadership over the agenda from the local government and asked for a joint effort from the local resources to back up the completion of the current agenda.

Bao briefed the meeting implementation of the current agenda, including emphases made by the district for years to help women reach five index for advancement as being confident, healthy, smart, happy and strong, while help children reach four index for enhancement as being healthy, high quality, joyful and safe.

At the assessment meeting, professional raised questions and got answers with fulfillment. In addition, professionals checked files, visited facilities available as a kindergarten, a home for women and a clinic. The assessment team provided the district with a preliminary evaluation: Firstly, its performance is of high quality, standing ahead of the city. Secondly, leadership is strong and efficient. Thirdly, women and children are fully benefited. In the end, the assessment team urged the district to accelerate their efforts in the coming days to match their advancement with the world standard.