SWF Chairperson Researched at the National Exhibition Center

On May 28, Xu Feng, chairperson of Shanghai Women's Federation (SWF) led her staff to have a research tour at the National Exhibition Center.

Xu and her team have a tour of the Center and its briefing. Before the end of the tour, Xu and her team had a discussion with the Center on how women in Shanghai to make a contribution to the coming International Exposition for Import and Export.

Based on the discussion, Xu reflected that SWF might call for four-dos among her staff and women in Shanghai as offering a good service to the coming Exposition by asking advanced women workers at different posts to support it, informing women in Shanghai of the coming Exposition and guiding them to take part in it with enthusiasm, leading women to get involved in the coming Exposition with a diversified program and offering clients-targeted service in the benefit of Exposition builders, service-men and supporters.

Chairpersons from districts as Qingpu, Minghang, Changning and Jiading attended the discussion and shared their comments and plans to respond the call from SWF, in an aim to back up the coming Exposition.