"Listening to Children" International Children's Day Celebrated

On May 30, a program to mark the International Children's Day, under the guidance of Shanghai Commission for Women and Children Advancement, was held by Shanghai Base for Cultivating Children in Scientific Approach, Commission for Women and Children Advancement, Educational Authority, Women's Sub-Federation in Changning District and Orient Broadcasting Station.

Leaders from the above-mentioned departments and organizations attended the celebration at the Jianqing Experimental School, together with 400 children from the Chang-Ning District.

The gathering started with a documentary on Agenda for Children Right, which was followed by two addresses by Xu Feng, chairperson of SWF and Meng Qinyuan, deputy director of Changning District. They both mentioned building a child-friendly city deserved attention from the local community. Pupils from Jianqing Experimental School brought the audience colorful performance which reflected their minds to their parents. Adults from the Broadcasting Station presented audience a child-drama under the name of A Friendly Day.

At the interactive point, pupils at the celebration gave their personal comments and suggestions one after another, on how to provide a child-friendly city for the local children, which covered fields as recreation, social participation, safety and protection, health and social service, education and resources provision and family life.