An Investigation done on Community-Day-Caring-Points for Pre-school Kids

An investigation on daily caring points in Hongmei Community was conducted by a team led by Su Ming, head of Commission on Education, Science, Culture and Medical Care, the local People's Congress.

Xu Feng and Liu Qi, chairpersons from SWF and Jia Wei, deputy head of the local educational authority were also on the investigation trip.

During the investigation, Su pointed out that it was of great significance for SWF to take up the mission to make day-care service available for pre-school children. He furthered that though the initiative wasn't an easy job to do, however, it was a good case to find out a right approach to perfect public service in Shanghai. Su asked SWF to keep trying to ensure more families benefited and he asked the local educational authority to play a key role in the governance of pre-school education issue.

Xu from SWF stressed at the discussion that the initiative was an important carrier to reflect Shanghai-Brand Service, which might draw more attention from elites elsewhere to settle down in Shanghai. Liu Qi from SWF gave an introduction to the initiative and put forward her follow-up plan to make the initiative workable and possible. Some delegates from the local Congress shared their suggestions and comments with the investigation group.