The Fist "Union for Painless Labor" Initiated in Shanghai

The "Union for Painless Labor", the first of its kind was announced setup on the International Children's Day. The Union was initiated jointly by SWF, Mass Media and the No.1 Maternity and Child Health Hospital. The other non-governmental organizations as Shanghai Association for Women Doctors and the Union for Women Pace-setters answered the call and ask for more attention from the local community and expect more organizations and volunteers to join in.

On the day when the Union was setup, a hundred male volunteers, who are medical staff, media workers and ready-to-be-fathers, were arranged to experience simulation of labor pain. The experience left deep impression on the volunteers, who reflected that mothers are great and mothers deserve more respect and attention than they have now.

According to the comment from specialists, "painless labor", a term is only popular among the non-professionals. It is address as labor analgesia in medical term. The technique was born 100 years ago and is quite matured at present, which help women in labor more efficient in production with less pain. It is said that shanghai is the first city to practice painless labor. Take the No.1 Hospital for Maternity and Child Health for an example, it started the technique as early as in the year of 2010, 70 percent of women in labor nowadays choose to adopted the technique, while only 10 percent of the women in labor across the country were registered painless laborers.

The reason for less application of painless labor technique is varied: including some misunderstanding as laboring is definitely painful; analgesia is harmful to newly-born babies and etc. The "Union for Painless Labor" is welcomed by hospitals in a bid to put into a wide practice painless labor, so as to provide the women in labor with a friendly environment.

It was reported that the Union is ready to offer more lectures and experience-like program to support painless labor.