Community-Run Daily Caring Points -- A City-Listed Project Proceeded

A meeting to enhance the city-listed project, community-run- daily- caring- point initiative was held on May 31 with Liu Qi, vice chairperson of SWF and leaders from the other government authorities as education, health and finance present at the meeting. Gu Xiujuan from SWF Children's Department chaired the meeting.

Liu addressed at the meeting by recognizing all the efforts local women's organization made and spoke highly the resources and assistance shared with the government bodies. Liu urged the local resources to do their best to start offering daily-caring service to the local community, based on the points approved in 2017. And she further urged to complete 20 more newly set-up caring points and put them into running soon by the end of 2018.

Questions were raised at the meeting, including those caring points set up in 2017 which were still lack of credibility for food provision and fire-prevention. The city authorities answered the questions and provided the question-raisers with solutions.