The International Children's Day Marked by Parent-Child Sports Meet in Shanghai

On May 26, A Parent-Child Sports Meeting was held at East China Normal University to mark the International Children's Day.

At the opening ceremony, Xu Feng, chairperson of SWF extended her seasonal greeting to all children in Shanghai. Yang Dinghua, president of Shanghai Children Foundation issued certificates to those who were recognized as ambassadors of charity, among whom they were noted athletes as Tao Luna, Sun Xiang and Wang Yihan.

Over 600 families registered to attend a couple of games. The parent-child sports meeting, a part of the 16thcity-wide sports meet, called for a healthy way to live with a shared aim to further understand, help and love each other among family members.

For a long time, SWF has persisted in promoting family ethics and family education programs and encouraged families to provide children with a friendly environment to grow up, so as to ensure their children with a good beginning in their life.