Li Qiang Researched at the Workers Union, SWF and the Youth League

Li Qiang, party secretary of Shanghai Municipal CPC, led a research tour to the Workers Union, SWF and the Youth League.

In his speech, he asked the three non-governmental organizations to study President Xi's Thoughts on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era, follow up the key works the central and local governments concerned and lead masses to trust in the CPC leadership and offer a better service in the interest of their service targets. He further asked the three to lead their service targets as working class, young people and women to play a main role in the social and economic advancement of the city.

Li visited SWF together with the other leaders and had a cordial conversation with the SWF staff and encourage SWF to do more as it can to give an impetus to the advancement of caring the aged and raising the younger.

Li visited the Youth League and listened to the brief accounts to its projects "Going to Community" and "Going to Webs". He toured exhibition room for "Young Pioneers" and was glad at hearing that more young people volunteered to help with the coming international Exhibition for Imports and Exports. He urged the Youth League to guide more young people in making contributions to public service development, creating jobs and business, transforming under-developed areas and governance over the grass-roots.

Li visited the Workers Union afterwards. During his tour, he visited a theme exhibition on model workers in Shanghai and asked in detail those model workers their excellent performance to benefit the local development. Li, together with the other leaders looked the Union Web and urged the Union leaders to make a good use of its Web, to ensure the Union approachable, helpful and reliable.

At the follow-up meeting, Li stressed the following ideas and points: firstly, he urged the three organizations to focus their attention to what the government cared and lead their clients to contribute to the local development objects via their approaches, projects and missions to achieve. Secondly, he urged the three to lead their service targets to understand well about the socialism with the Chinese characteristics. Thirdly, He urged the three to take serving their targets as their main jobs and tried their best to well protect their clients' legal rights. Fourthly, he urged the three to stand firm to carry out their reforms as expected and turn themselves into organizations easier approachable, more flexible and reliable.

SWF leadership attended the tour and meeting.