The 9th Training Class for Talented Career Women Launched in Shanghai

Human Resource Development Division, CPC Shanghai Branch, together with SWF and Academy of CPC Shanghai Branch co-hosted the 9th course for the development of talented career women in Shanghai from May 21 to May 25, 2018.

Xu Feng, chairperson of SWF did an orientation and a key-note speech at the opening event. Li Ning, vice president of the Academy attended the opening and made an address afterwards. Sun Mei'e, deputy chairperson of SWF attended the closing ceremony and made a speech. About 55 talented career women were invited to the one-week training course.

The training course was designed to inspire career women to be best of themselves against the new ear, co-worked with their colleagues for the excellent city tomorrow and create a better life for all. The course was also designed to help career women to better understand SWF and their projects targeted for women and enrich them with advanced ideas on gender and political science with patriotic feels, who might well be prepared for the follow-up appointment by the Human Resource Development Division, CPC.

Xu from SWF ensured the trainees to the course that SWF could do more than expected in the benefit of women as firstly locating more platforms for women to approach, secondly producing projects to benefit talented career women with a friendly environment available, thirdly intensifying her promotion drive to help with public policies issued favorable to career women and fourthly developing public policies in favor of women, children and families.

The training course was enriched with a diversified curriculum and trainees were encouraged to exchange ideas and bring about discussion during the course.