An Initiative to Provide Female Farmers Training Courses Started

On March 22, the 2018 "Rural Women Wisdom Course", as an initiative to provide female farmers with training courses, was launched at Jiangfeng Community of Jiangqiao Town in Jiading District.

SWF Vice Chairperson Li Rong and Fu Jun, deputy director of Jiading District attended the launching ceremony.

The initiative was designed to combine the city and community cultural resources together into courses available for female farmers. Some of the courses were even presented in the local dialect.

The courses are operated by SWF and the City Cultural Service Center for Community, based on a call from the All-China Women's Federation to help with the countryside advancement. Courses are presented in a story-telling format, with subjects covering the party's policy to support countryside development, successful business cases operated by the female farmers, laws and codes related, household and marriage, family education, fitness and good health.

The course project started 4 years ago, has had over a hundred tours with more than 30 thousand female farmers benefited.