An Anti-Domestic Violence Seminar Held by SWF and US Consulate-general in Shanghai

On March 16, SWF and officials from the US Consulate-general in Shanghai co-hosted a seminar on anti-domestic violence at SWF office.

SWF deputy Chairpersons Li Rong and Huang Qi, Zhu Qianwei from the Municipal Working Committee on Children and Women Office, Professor Xu Li from the East China University of Political Science and Law, Jin Wanxian from Jiading District, Arati Shroff, consul from US Consulate-general in Shanghai, Fiona Douglas, Social Worker and Services Director, ELG and Fanny Gutierrez-Meyers, Social Worker and Clinical Instructor, from New York University Shanghai attended the Seminar.

At the Seminar, Li of SWF gave an introduction on SWF's effort to terminate domestic violence through its network and expressed her wish to do further with a combined effort from the both.

Zhu of the Municipal Working Committee on Children and Women Office briefed on the current Agendas for the advancement of women and children and the project done in Shanghai to prevent domestic violence from happening. Prof.

Professor Xu from the University and Jin from Jiading District elaborated respectively on laws to ensure anti-domestic violence elimination and successful cases in practice. The experts from the overseas introduced to the participants practices done in UK and US to bring domestic violence under control and their personal experience of anti-domestic violence in Shanghai.

All the participants to the Seminar well appreciated what SWF had done and their view points and looked forward to a sustainable channel available for furthering their common efforts to terminate domestic violence.