SWF Enforced its Effort to Facilitate Research Drive

SWF held a meeting on March 14, to enforce its effort to enhance the research drive in SWF and its Sub-Federations.

Xu Feng, chairperson of SWF, addressed the meeting. Yu Weixing, SWF Secretory-General shared with his counterparts the main ideas of the city meeting on the same subject. About 40 SWF staff attended the meeting.

At her address, Xu stressed on the necessity of the research drive carried out in Shanghai and asked her staff to do what they could to help local women solve their problems and satisfy their needs in no time. It was reiterated as well to pay an attention to the targeted subjects, areas and clients with emphases on a combination with daily program and clearing-off problems during the research tours.

Xu furthered that an effort should be made to ensure the drive to cover all areas and all groups of women, while scoring a better understanding of new expectations from its targeted clients and working out counter-strategies to the needs and challenges ahead.

The meeting included idea-exchanges from SWF sub-federations and circulated its report and schedule for the coming research from March to May.