SWF Vice Chairperson Greeted Female Worker in Electrics

On March 8, Li Rong, vice chairperson of SWF visited female workers at Shanghai Electric & Power Station Equipment Company with her seasonal greeting for the Women's Day.

At the Electrics Factory, Li visited female workers in Unit one and two and toured their leisure rooms where workers could have a chat or reading at leisure time. Li asked about the unit constitution, workers' daily life and their further demands for services available.

Afterwards, Li visited a nursing room and questioned about the ideas for the designing. She highly appreciated yoga facility in the factory to help nursing mothers a fast recovery.

Li suggested a chat with the Union workers and female workers together during the tour. Based on an introduction to the factory and protection offered to female workers during their four periods, Li responded that it was the duty of SWF and the Workers Union to give an attention to their health and their legal rights as well. She promised that SWF would try their best to seek for solutions to the workers' demand with a collaboration with the sub-federations in districts, while asking the female workers to keep up with their learning, working family life in the days to come.