Deputy Mayor Called at Women in Sick

On March 7, Weng Tie Hui, deputy mayor of Shanghai, called at two women with severe breast sickness, together with other women leadership as Zong Ming and Xu Feng.

During the visits, Weng extended them not only seasonal greetings, but also allowance both in money and food as a token of her care. The sick women were encouraged to be optimistic about medical treatment and livelihood to achieve a rapid recovery soon.

The local government has given an attention to the screening program designed for women in the city for year. As it is ensured by the city Law on the Protection of Women's Legal Rights, in which, the local government is urged to provide the above-mentioned screening program to those women retired or in economic difficulty once every other year.

So far, the screening program has been well carried out across the city with sufficient financial and medical resources. According to the related data collected from 2007 to 2017, the screening program has covered 4,191,097 person-time, while 1,328,263 women were detected sick with related gynecologic problems, accounting to 31.69% of the total under the screening program. 2,362 of them were discovered with malignant cancers.