Deputy Mayer's Research Tour over Community-based Child-care Centers

On March 7, Weng Tie Hui, deputy mayer of Shanghai, visited Hongmei Neighborhood of Xuhui District to research on the progress of community-based child-care center project.

Weng recognized firmly what SWF did to ensure an appropriate child-care service available to all families. She stressed that safety was the most importance issue of all, while carrying on the project to locate baby care centers across the city. She requested that the projectors should keep an eye on safety issue and have problem cleared off once it was discovered.

Weng also emphasized to develop a model by the local educational authority as soon as possible for the others to copy with. She stressed further that once the model was set, more social sectors were encouraged to bid for their involvement with a simplified application proceeding available by the government authority.

Weng also covered issues as food preparation and fire prevention. She asked SWF and the educational authority to issue documents soon to give a direction over the child-care issue.