Research Tour on Women Roles in Baoshan

As a part of the research-drive to find shortages and seek solutions to them, Sun Mei-e, vice chairperson of SWF, visited Dongjie Village, Yanghang Town in Baoshan District to dig on its women political involvement matter on March 6.

Sun took part in personally an activity which intended to make a decision on environmental issue over its village. She then had a cordial talk with the women citizens at the meeting and listened carefully to their suggestions over the SWF programs and services available.

While highly speaking of the women citizen's involvement in the local governance issues, Sun discussed with the local SWF staff and the participants over the issues as how to carry it forward, how to overcome difficulties ahead, how to encourage more women citizens to get involved and how to upgrade women's ability in decision-making.

In her speech, she concluded that based on a yearly practice, Dongjie Village had perfected its proceedings over the citizen involved decision-making, which nowadays covered more issues and became an effective instrument for the township governance. The successful case in Dongjie Village certainly provided SWF with a new approach for getting more women citizens in the days to come to take part in the city governance and self-governance as well. She also confirmed that the decision-making practice was an excellent linkage for the government to keep in touch with the local citizens for which, she asked SWF staff to do what they could to keep the approach open and functioning in the benefit of both government and local women citizens. Sun called for more practices invented to further enhance SWF strength in legal right protection and turned SWF into a reliable "parental home" for local women citizens.