The 108th International Women's Day Marked in Shanghai

Shanghai held its celebration to mark the International Women's Day at Shanghai International Dance Center on March 7.

A group of the National Red-Banner Holders (groups), Women Innovation Elites and Younger Elites and those praised as models for their unique roles in city civilization and contribution to the city development were recognized at the celebration, while another thousand women elites were presented.

The city leadership as Yin Hong and Xiao Yugui, Weng Tiehui and Fang Huiping attended the event.

Yin presented a greeting address to the women both at meeting and across the city. He furthered to ask the women in Shanghai to better understand the main ideas of the socialist thoughts with the Chinese character at a new era and to make more contributions to the new era, while satisfy one's career life dream.

He further pointed out that the coming new era held career women in great expectation to create the era greater than ever together with career men. He hoped women could lead a role in carrying on the Chinese traditional culture and customs as well as healthy household tradition. He urged women to give full play to their strength in the city governance and economic development.

Yin asked SWF and its staff to do their utmost in mobilizing women all in Shanghai to contribute their bit to the city advancement. He encouraged the SWF staff to go among the women at grass-roots to understand better their needs and thoughts, so as to do more in their favor. The local party leadership was expected to intensify their attention and back-up support to SWF and its sub-divisions.

Xu Feng, chairperson of SWF, addressed the audience with seasonal greetings and determination to help with the local economic advancement plan.

At the ceremonial event, all advanced female workers and units were presented with honors at the stage, including those of the national honor holders.