Magnolia of Shanghai

-----about SWF event logo


    The logo takes magnolia, the city flower of Shanghai, as its core element, trying to build up a unique mark for the activities organized by Shanghai Women's Federation, so as to present the extraordinary charm of Shanghai women and to represent the cause for Shanghai women's development.

    In the logo, white magnolias on the tree symbolize the 9 million women in Shanghai. Twelve Chinese characters of"nv"(female)stand as branches connecting to each other to display the spirits of the women of Shanghai, that is , intelligent and stylish, confident and perseverant, innovative and enterprising; it also shows the obligation of women in the development of harmonious family and society. The logo wants to incarnate the features of Shanghai women who work hard but still keep their elegance, achieving success but still enjoying a happy life. The biggest character"nv"in the logo, like the limb deeply rooted in the ground, symbolizing the women's cause in Shanghai as the well established tree of beauty, which plants harmony and harvests fragrance.

    The logo will be widely used in the various events and activities organized by women's federations at different levels.