Training Model Offered to Village Women Chairpersons (2019-01-07)
Report on Shanghai Women Advancement in the Past 40 years issued (2019-01-07)
Seminar on Life-long-Learning and Advancement for Women Held Together with Think Tank Established (2019-01-07)
The 10th Blind-Dating Gathering Marked at the Moon Lake Park (2019-01-07)
35 Years Anniversary for Sheshan Outdoor Game Center Marked (2019-01-07)
Training Offered to Chairpersons at Women Organizations with "Four New Features" (2019-01-07)
City-wide Drive Initiated to Study the Ideas and Spirits of the 12th National Congress for Women (2019-01-07)
The 1st Women Educational Capability Competition Completed (2019-01-07)
Tea-party arranged to Mark the 40th Anniversary of China's Reform and Opening-up (2019-01-07)
Introduction to the 12th National Congress for Women Relayed at SWF (2019-01-07)
Investigation on the Needs of Families with Children under Three Prepared (2019-01-07)
CPC SWF Division Grouped for Studying President Xi's Talk with the Newly-Elected Leadership of All-China Women's Federation (2019-01-07)
Shanghai Delegates to the 12th Chinese Women Congress at Mobilization Rally before Leaving (2018-12-10)
Parent-child Interacted Initiative for Families out of Town (2018-12-10)
Day-care Program for Pre-schooler under Three Discussed by Women Circle, CPPCC Shanghai (2018-12-10)
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