"Becoming Women" 2020' International Forum Held in Shanghai (2020-09-01)
Training Held to Prepare Proposals for "Two Sessions" (2020-09-01)
Training Course for "Neighboring Mum" Project Held at Jin-shan District (2020-09-01)
The 4th Survey on Chinese Women Social Status Initiated in Shanghai (2020-08-04)
Commission for Advancement of Women and Children at a Field Research Tour in Jin-shan District (2020-08-04)
Research Held to Facilitate 14th Agenda Drafting (2020-08-04)
In Praise of Female Medics coming back From Anti-COVID-19 Drive at Wuhan (2020-08-04)
A Field Research Tour at Changning District (2020-08-04)
"Made-in-Shanghai" Woman Alliance Initiated (2020-08-04)
A field Research Tour on Women Scientists Advancement done at Shanghai Institute of Study of Science (2020-08-04)
Final Assessment for Family Enhancement in 13th "Five-Year-Plan" Period & Training for Drafting 14th Agenda Related Initiated (2020-08-04)
Themed Lecture Held to Call for Learning "Four Histories" (2020-08-04)
SWF Chairperson at Huang-Pu for Field Research (2020-08-04)
Themed Family Education and International Family Day Marked at Jiading (2020-06-22)
Women-Affairs Workers at SWF for Idea-Exchanges (2020-06-22)
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