Group form Nanjing Branch, the Chines Kuomintang at Shanghai for Research (2019-12-30)
Annual Meeting Held for Institutes for Women Studies and Marriage and Families (2019-12-30)
Training Targeted to Newcomers and Volunteers (2019-12-30)
Discussion Held among Women Entrepreneurs (2019-12-30)
Main Ideas about the 4th Session, CPC 19th Congress Studied among SWF Staff (2019-12-30)
Training for Child-Friendly Community Development Project Started (2019-12-30)
Macao Delegation at SWF for a Visit (2019-12-30)
Oslo Delegation at SWF for a Visit (2019-12-30)
Training Class Targeted to Women Entrepreneurs Opened (2019-12-30)
Training Course Arranged for Staff at Neighborhood Sections (2019-12-30)
A Meeting to Enhance Employment Held in Shanghai (2019-12-02)
Training on Family Education' 2019 Issued (2019-12-02)
All-China Women's Federation at Shanghai for Research (2019-12-02)
"Forum on Household Service Legislation" 2019 Started in Shanghai (2019-12-02)
Training for Liaison/Development Staff in 2019 Started (2019-12-02)
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