A Research for Final-Decision Issued to Backup Legal Right Protection for Women and Children (2020-09-01)
Supervision & Training Held to Help with Prevention & Resolve of Disputes (2020-09-01)
Themed Lecture Held to Call for Learning "Four Histories" (2020-09-01)
SWF Vice Chairperson at Armed Police for Sending a Seasonal Greeting (2020-09-01)
SWF Chapter (1978-2010) as a Part of Local Chronicle Approved (2020-09-01)
Red-Flag-Holders at Meeting to Study President Xi's Instruction (2020-09-01)
SWF Vice Chairperson at CPC University to Seek for Collaboration (2020-09-01)
Mid-Year Sum-up Held in SWF (2020-09-01)
SWF Chairperson at China International Import & Export Bureau (2020-09-01)
Plaque Awarded to declare Xu Feng Studio Established (2020-09-01)
SWF Mediation Studio Attached to No.2 Intermediate Court Announced Open (2020-09-01)
SWF Chairperson at She-shan Field Trip Base for Survey (2020-09-01)
Revision for Shanghai Implementation Measures Regarding Law for Protecting Woman Rights (2020-09-01)
On-line Training Completed to Support 4th Survey in Shanghai on Chinese Woman Status (2020-09-01)
"Women's Home" Project Enhanced (2020-09-01)