"My Motherland, My Hometown"--Themed Project Issued to Mark International Children's Day (2019-07-22)
Women Delegation from the Republic of Congo at Shanghai (2019-07-22)
Gender and Family Perspectives Mainstreamed in Research Projects of Social Sciences (2019-07-22)
Themed Lecture Arranged to Mark "Growing up with Shanghai" & "Crafts-women Active in Branding Legend" (2019-07-22)
Housekeeping Issue Discussed for Legislation (2019-07-22)
Woman Leaders for Industry and Farming Trained in 2019 (2019-07-22)
Vice Chairperson from CPPCC at Shanghai for Investigation (2019-07-22)
Initiative on Family Tradition & Education Issued together with International Family Day Marked (2019-07-22)
Board of Directors for Shanghai Children's Foundation Renewed (2019-07-22)
Women Executives and Their Roles at Grass-roots Investigated (2019-07-22)
Family-Education-Guiders Training completed (2019-07-22)
100 Anniversary for May 4th Movement Marked (2019-07-22)
SWF Vice Chairperson at Shanghai Authority for Economy & Information Technology (2019-07-22)
Training Course for Women Organizations in Private Sector (2019-07-19)
SWF Chairperson Researched at Zhang-Jiang High-Tech Zone (2019-07-19)