A Meeting to Enhance Employment Held in Shanghai (2019-12-02)
Training on Family Education' 2019 Issued (2019-12-02)
All-China Women's Federation at Shanghai for Research (2019-12-02)
"Forum on Household Service Legislation" 2019 Started in Shanghai (2019-12-02)
Training for Liaison/Development Staff in 2019 Started (2019-12-02)
Autum Class No.2 Started at Shanghai Girl School for Invention (2019-12-02)
SWF held Meeting for "Neighbor Mother" Project Deployment (2019-12-02)
The Most Charming Family' 2019 Disclosed in Shanghai (2019-12-02)
PRC's 70th Birthday Marked by SWF Together With Her Colleagues in United Front Circle (2019-12-02)
SWF Chairperson at Chang-ning District for Research (2019-12-02)
Household Service Ready to be Up-graded in Shanghai (2019-12-02)
Training Offered to SWF Staff and Assistants related (2019-12-02)
14th Agenda Drafting for Women & Children Advancement Started (2019-12-02)
Seminar on Marriage and Child-Care Held (2019-12-02)
Woman's home Project 2019-2020 Upgraded (2019-12-02)