Shanghai Women's Federation

The Shanghai Women's Federation (SWF), founded in August 1950, is a women's organization working for the advancement of women under the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party. It not only provides a link between the government and women, but also works as a way of representing and protecting women's rights and promoting equality between men and women.

The Shanghai Women's Congress, convened every five years, is the superior authority for the SWF. The 14th Municipal Women's Congress was held in April 2013. A total of 113 new executive members were elected from 827 representatives by voting. The executive members also elected 17 members to the standing committee as well as a chairperson and vice-chairpersons.

Currently, Xu Feng is the chairperson of the SWF. Zhu Ming, Li Rong, Weng Wenlei, Sun Mei'e and Liu Qi are full-time vice-chairpersons. He Huijuan, Yuan Wen, Zheng Shan and Shi Beiling are pluralistic vice-chairpersons.

The Shanghai Women's Federation has branches across the city's districts, communities and neighborhoods. In the countryside, its branches extend to counties, townships and villages. The working committees for women have been established in public institutions and government departments. The SWF's member organizations also include the Shanghai Women Employees'Committee trade unions at various levels; the Shanghai YMWA; the Shanghai March 8 Red Banner Pacesetters Association; the Shanghai Women's Studies Association; the Shanghai Family Education Research Association; the Shanghai Marriage and Family Research Association; and 11 professional women's associations concerning female engineers, doctors, scientists, judges, prosecutors, entrepreneurs, journalists, editors, photographers, and senior scientific and technical workers.

Shanghai Women's Federation

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